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Ancient Bowls

Lazarus - A second Chance - by Ron Baker
Chapter Three
"University Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI"

“Isn’t it interesting. The thing we fear the most usually happens,” Anna said as she sipped her coffee.

“What do you mean?” asked Dr. Dawkins.

“I’ve witnessed the fears of so many and listened to people as they lived their fears – being left alone, abandoned. Or, paralyzed; left penniless... It’s as though their minds imagined the worst of their fears and then, somehow their fears became true and were dumped on them.”

“Are you saying that there are no accidents? That we make all of these things happen to us?” Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and the leagues of pop psychologists, to say nothing of centuries of eastern philosophers, would agree with you.”

“And, they’re all making millions selling that crap, too,” said Dr. Werba, the emergency room duty resident. “What Anna said sounds like a vault backwards to the dark ages to me. Actually, I’ve always thought we’d come much, much further than that. It reminds me of the social workers and psychologists who pander to the masses by telling them: ‘It’s mom who’s responsible for your lack of success or latest goof. You’re not to blame; you have no responsibility. Or, dad molested you when you were five and that’s why you have an ugly outlook on life or can’t get it together today.’”

“You know there is something to the idea that we manufacture our illnesses and our life tribulations. Perhaps there is truth in both ideas – we make things happen and some things just happen of their own accord, no matter what we do or say or think,” said Anna.

“It’s a waste of time to speculate about this stuff when you should be out making a buck to pay for the bread on the table, or pay off that student loan...”

Suddenly, the doors burst open as the U-M Survival Flight EMTs wheeled in another accident victim followed closely by a guy who looked like a truck driver. The driver was upset. He kept telling the state policeman, “I just didn’t have a chance to turn. The Maxima pulled right in front of me and I was afraid to turn away. There was another rig next to me and I was afraid I’d turn into him. Why did he have to do that? Why couldn’t he have stayed where he was for another second? God, I hope he’s going to be O.K.”

Pete heard the driver and he had heard the emergency room crew discussing philosophy, too. It’s a dream he thought.

Where am I now – I really need to get home. Mom should have that light in the basement and I haven’t finished the wiring. Just one more connection and it will work at both switches. I know I can get it to work...

Then he began to feel warm, almost too warm...

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